Things To Consider When Looking For A Dump Trailer To Pull With Your Vehicle

There are many different trailers on the market that can be useful for hauling equipment and material, but a dump trailer can make unloading sand, gravel, or mulch much easier. Looking at dump trailers for sale will give you some idea of what is available in your area, though there are some things you should consider as you are shopping for your trailer. 

Trailer Sizes

Dump trailers come in many different sizes and cargo capacities, so it is important that you get one that fits your specific needs. A homeowner with a large piece of property may want a dump trailer to make moving things around easier, but they may be limited to a smaller trailer that will fit the areas they need to go on the property. 

Sometimes the size of the trailer is limited by the vehicle you will pull it with as well. If you have a small pickup or SUV, buying a large dump trailer is not going to work, so matching the physical size, the cargo capacity, and the vehicle that will support the trailer is an important place to start. 

You may also want to consider the weight of the trailer once it is loaded. Sometimes even a small trailer can be extremely heavy when loaded with gravel, sand, or soil.

The towing capacity of the vehicle should be high enough to tow the trailer loaded, and if the material you need to move is going to exceed that weight, load it halfway or limit the load to stay under the capacity that you know you can handle. 

Dump Systems

Dump trailers are made with several different dumping systems, and choosing the best one for your situation is critical. The hydraulic system that raises and lowers the dump body is built onto the trailer, and the pump, hoses, and piston stay with the trailer when it is parked. 

The electricity for the pump system can be supplied by a battery on the trailer that allows you to raise and lower the bed when the trailer is not attached to the truck. Alternatively, there are some trailers that power the hydraulic system through the electrical connector on your truck, so if the trailer is not connected and plugged into the truck, it will not have power to the pump. 

Both systems have their advantages, so choosing the one you prefer or that will fit your situation is important. Dump trailers with stand-along power supplies can be a good option if you have a tractor or other piece of equipment that does not have an electrical connection, to move the trailer around on your property. 

As long as the battery on the trailer is charged, you can dump the trailer anywhere you need to without having to be connected to a truck or specific vehicle.