Tips To Help You Gift A Car Without Blowing The Surprise

How long has your significant other been driving the same unreliable car? Aren't you tired of having to deal with that car breaking down all of the time, nickel and diming you to death? Well, could this be the year that you surprise your significant other with a brand new car? If you're considering upgrading your loved one's car as a surprise, you're going to have some sneaky maneuvering to do. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you choose, stash and surprise your loved one with a brand new car.

Choose the Car

You know what your loved one likes and hates about the current car—use that information to help you choose the right car to buy. If you know that he or she wanted more legroom in the back seat, you know that you won't be able to get a compact car. If you know that he or she couldn't get around when it was snowing, a vehicle with four-wheel drive would probably be appreciated. Use what you know about your loved one and you'll choose the perfect car.

Get the Financing

Financing the vehicle without your loved one finding out might be a little tricky. Since credit checks will be run, there's a chance that letters will come in the mail and phone calls received at the house. Let the auto dealership, as well as the lenders, know that this is meant to be a surprise and they'll do what they can to prevent calls and letters from being sent to the home.

Stash the Car

Do you have a friend or family member with a garage that they'd let you store the car in until you're ready to present it to your loved one? If not, the next best thing is leasing a storage unit. Automotive storage units don't cost very much and they'll keep the car looking as good as it does when you pull it in. This not only provides you the perfect hiding place but will protect the car from the elements so you won't have to do a full detailing job before gifting it.

Gift the Car

You probably have how you're going to present the car in mind, but one thing you might let slip your mind is catching the moment on video. Set up cameras in the car, as well as outside of the car. Borrow some Go-Pro cameras from friends—this is going to be a moment neither of you will want to forget.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you get through this exciting time without blowing the surprise. Learn more by contacting companies like Gary Rome Kia.