Love To Camp? What To Look For In A New Truck

If you love to spend time traveling and camping, your choice of adventure vehicle matters. A truck can be a good choice for wilderness travels if you choose the right truck for sale. The following are a few things to consider when looking at trucks for sale.

Four-wheel drive

Off-roading may not be your main goal, but backcountry roads tend to be rough. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time on unmaintained forest service or logging roads. "On the fly" four-wheel drive systems allow you to quickly move in and out of four-wheel drive without having to leave the vehicle, making them the best choice.


An extra-long bed is usually used as a selling point for a truck, but if you spend a lot of time on rough roads or off-roading, that extra length can prove to be cumbersome to maneuver and increase your chances of becoming stuck. Instead, look for short bed trucks or sport trucks. Their more compact size gives you more control on tight corners, and it's also easier to fit into the limited space at many trailheads.


Unless you spend most of your time off-roading, you don't need much more than a factory lift. A slight lift is beneficial, so you don't damage the undercarriage or get high centered, but going too high impacts gas mileage and can increase your chances of tipping over.


Some accessories are great for the camping life. These include bed liners, toppers, or tonneau covers, and exterior cab lighting. Front "cattle guards" can also be useful, particularly if you drive off-road through brush or other rough conditions. Other accessories can be problematic, though. Anything that lowers the profile of the truck should be avoided. For example, running boards increase the chances of getting hung up on rocks or other debris on a rough road. If you do need a step, look for retractable steps instead so that you don't have to worry about damage when you are heading into the woods.

Tow system

If you tow anything, from a camper to a boat or utility trailer, you need to choose a truck that already has a good tow package installed. A frame mounted tow system is a better option than a simple hitch installed into a bumper slot. This will allow for an increased towing capacity, which you may not need now but could come in handy later.

Talk to a dealership for more help in choosing the best truck for your camping adventures.