Debating To Buy From A Dealer Or Private Auto Seller? What To Know

If you have been going back and forth in your head debating whether you want to buy a used car from a dealership, or if you want to buy through a private person, there are many reasons why it's often best to go through a reputable dealership. A vehicle is a large investment, and you don't want to waste any money or end up buying a car that isn't a good investment. Here are some of the things to keep in your mind before making a purchase.

Sellers Don't Have to Worry about Reputation

If someone sells you a car and then it breaks down or has problems a few weeks later, or a short time later, it most likely won't matter to them. If they aren't trying to buy and sell cars for profit, and they already have a new car and won't be selling for a long time, they don't have to worry about having a tarnished reputation. When you buy from a car dealership, they have their reputation on social media and through word of mouth to worry about.  

There Won't be a Warranty

Many used car dealerships do their own mechanical work on vehicles before the car leaves the lot. They inspect to make sure that the vehicle is safe for use, that there aren't any serious mechanical concerns, and then they offer the warranty. The warranty will cover certain complications with the vehicle and give you a sense of security when you make the investment.

You Don't Know What the Vehicle is Like 

You don't know how they maintained the vehicle when it was last serviced; if there have been major complications or other problems. If they have had the vehicle cleaned, you may not notice flood damage or other problems and smells. You have to trust that the vehicle is safe or pay for your own inspection after the purchase and that is a big threat.

Go to a few different dealerships in your area and see what different vehicles they have that interest you in your budget, and what options you can test drive. When you are spending the money on a vehicle that has an honest mechanical report from the dealership, and you know the history of the car, you will feel a lot better buying with confidence. Set a budget, shop around, and find a great vehicle for your needs.

Contact your local dealership for more information.