Five Reasons To Buy An SUV

When shopping for a vehicle, one of the first decisions you'll need to make is which style of vehicle is best for you. While some people do prefer cars and others need trucks for work, the used SUV is a style that works well for many. Here are five reasons to consider buying an SUV.

You're safer if you are in a collision.

Accidents are an inevitable reality of driving on the road. If you are in a crash, the larger your vehicle, the safer you tend to be. SUVs are therefore safer than cars in the event of a collision. This is especially true if you happen to be hit by someone driving a large truck or semi-truck.

You are higher up and can see more.

When you drive an SUV, you sit up a little higher than when you drive a car. This gives you a better vantage point, allowing you to more effectively see what is going on in traffic in front and to the side of you. Not only does this keep you safer on the road, but it also makes driving less strenuous. You can take a longer road trip without so much eye strain and fatigue.

You can easily load the car.

Shoving things into the trunk of a car can be quite the challenge. And then you discover that some things don't squeeze through the trunk opening! With an SUV, the back hatches open, and you can just set your items inside. There is also floor-to-ceiling storage space, so you can transport larger items in your SUV -- - but at a lower cost and less fuel usage than with a truck.

There's more room for passengers.

A car that seats 5 may have enough seat belts for five people, but if you have that many passengers, they will really feel squeezed in. In an SUV, there tends to be more room for passengers, so they can stretch out their legs and not have to sit with their heads bent. You'll have an easier time driving kids to school or just taking a road trip with friends.

You can get decent gas mileage.

SUVs have a reputation of being gas guzzlers, but while this may have been true of the early SUVs a few decades ago, it is not true of today's models. You can find very fuel-efficient models that get over 30 miles per gallon.