Need A Car Quick But On A Budget? 3 Tips For Purchasing A Used Car

If you need a car quick but you are currently on a budget, then you should look for a used car instead of buying new. This can help you save a lot of money and you should be able to find one in your price range. To help you get started, below are three tips on what to look for when buying a used car so you will end up with a great car that will run well for you.

Open the Hood

Open the hood on the car and look for any damage. You should see no dents on any parts or parts that look like they are deteriorating. Look at the battery to ensure the battery terminals are clean. If they are not and you see battery acid leaking from them then the battery needs to be changed.

Look at all lines you see for any wear and tear and ensure none are broken. Ask the salesperson for a paper towel and check the oil. The oil should look completely clean.

If you are not sure what to check under the hood hire a mechanic to come to the lot to look for you.

Check for Leaks

Take the car for a test drive and pull into a parking lot and park. The road should be completely clean where you park. Sit for at least 30 seconds with the engine running and then pull away. Look at the clean area to ensure you see no leaks. For example, if you see black fluid, this is a sign the oil is leaking. If the fluid is green, then the antifreeze is leaking. If the fluid is pink, then the transmission fluid is leaking.

Look at the Exterior

Carefully walk around the car and inspect the exterior. Because it is used, there may be small dings but you should see no dents or large scratches. You should also see no rust on the car. In some cases, you will find rust on the frame and under the car. For this reason, get on your back and slide under the car to inspect it. If you see any rust here or a lot of rust then you should consider not purchasing the car.

There are a lot of good used cars out there and you can find them on most car lots. You can also find individuals that are purchasing their car in the paper or auto trade magazine.