Important Light-Related Things To Assess Before You Buy A Used Car

It's common sense to check your headlights and taillights when you buy a used vehicle. You'll also want to try the high beams and low beams, as well as your turn signals and hazard flashers. Running through these checks will ensure not only that the lights are working properly, but also that the corresponding fuses and wires are in working condition. These, however, aren't the only light-related things that you should take some time to assess when you're shopping for used cars. There are several perhaps less important, but still valuable, lights to check.

License Plate Light

Having a non-working light above your rear license plate won't put you or your car at risk in the same manner as non-working headlights or taillights, but it's still worthwhile to check that the tiny bulb mounted above the vehicle's license plate is lit up. Checking this light before you buy the car not only saves you the time and expense of having to replace the bulb yourself but can also be important for another reason. At night, police may pull you over if you don't have a functional light above the license plate, which could result in a fine.

Dome Light

There are few automotive-related things more irritating than fumbling around in the dark as you sit in the front seat of your vehicle and try to find your keys, wallet, or cell phone. This may be the case, however, if the vehicle's dome light is burned out. Before you buy any used car, make sure that its dome light is functional. In some cases, there may be a high and low setting for the light, so familiarize yourself with the switch. Additionally, some cars have left and right dome lights, so you should always test both. You may wish to also ensure that the lights turn on when you open the car's doors; a problem in this area could indicate a faulty sensor that needs to be replaced.

Glove Compartment Light

You might not go into your vehicle's glove compartment on a daily basis, but when you're looking for something at night, you want to be able to find it without using the flashlight on your phone. Don't forget to open the glove compartment of any used vehicle that you're considering buying and make sure that the light inside the compartment turns on. If it doesn't, ask the seller to replace that bulb and any others that don't light up before you buy the car.