How To Stop Frequent Breakdowns

Is your car breaking down every third day, or does it at least seem that way? The truth is that with many older vehicles, there are often a few things wrong. You can't always afford to fix them all, but you can prioritize your repairs and do the right maintenance to prevent such frequent trips to the mechanic. Here's how:

Do the Little Things

The little things you do for your car on an everyday basis help ward off the bigger issues. When you can only afford so many repairs, make sure you do get your oil changes on time and give your car the right kind of quality gasoline. Any way you can help the engine is great.

Pay Attention to Repairs That Affect Multiple Systems

Your auto repair shop will help you choose the repairs that are going to matter most to the car's functioning. Choose repairs that could potentially lead to more repairs if not corrected. One blown fuse may lead to another. A blockage in a coolant pump may lead the radiator to break. Understand what systems are at risk with each repair need you have; some will be more critical than others.

Go Easy on Your Vehicle

Aside from getting the right repairs, the way you drive and store the vehicle is going to matter when money is tight. Learning to accelerate and decelerate gradually is a way to keep the engine from working too hard. You might also get used to rolling down the windows instead of having the AC on full blast and playing the radio and using power steering. Storage matters too, since protecting your car from the harsher weather will make it easier to start up and will also protect the body of the car.

Be Aware of When to Replace

Finally, when you are seeing yourself going to the auto repair shop multiple times a year, it may be time to consider getting a new vehicle. With the financing options available today, you might find yourself paying less on your monthly car payments than you would on your repairs. So, would a new car have low enough payments that you could afford? Does the repair cost for your vehicle add up to more than half of the car's value? You may want to speak with a car dealership to find out what's available to you. Certified pre owned cars for sale are an excellent option with a reasonable price tag and a guarantee of good maintenance.

Contact a dealership that has pre owned cars for sale for more information and assistance.