Five Indulgent And High-Tech Features To Look For In Your New Luxury Car

So, you are thinking of upgrading to a new luxury car. As you probably are aware of, most luxury cars come equipped with a host of upscale features to make the ride comfortable and pleasant for yourself and your passengers. If you have never owned or leased a luxury vehicle before, you may be surprised to learn of the extravagant features that may be available to you. Inquire about these options from your luxury car dealership, then prepare to be impressed. Here are five features that will have you riding in the lap of luxury:

1. Ventilated Seats

Most standard vehicles do not come equipped with this option. However, when buying a luxury car, this upgrade may be available for you. If you plan on taking extended drives or road trips, you may enjoy this feature a lot. Basically, heat ventilation provides better airflow for increased comfort.

The seat cushions are equipped with air vents (small perforations) that prevent trapped heat from building up. This means you will not feel overheated or sweaty. Ventilated seats also help to decrease the temperature on seat cushions when a vehicle is parked in the scorching sun. It is a great option for those who live in a warm and sunny climate. Conversely, if you live in a cold region, ventilated seats work in conjunction with heated seats to help keep the car warm and comfortable.

Some luxury cars come equipped with ventilated seat only for the driver side. However, if you wish to upgrade further, you may find the front passenger side has the option as well. For the ultimate luxury upgrade, inquire about total car seat ventilation that includes the rear seats as well.

2. Massaging Seats

Who doesn't love a good back massage when they are tired or stressed? Driving for extended periods make cause muscle fatigue or tension in certain individuals, and this is why this luxury feature was invented. Built-in shiatsu style massage mechanics can relieve aching back muscles and provide a comfortable ride and satisfying experience. This feature is most commonly equipped for front seats, although rear seat massage may be an option.

3. Reverse Backup Camera

Here is another high-tech feature intended for safety. As you put your car into reverse and back up, the backup camera will give you a clear view in back of the vehicle. This helps prevent a tragedy of backing up over a person or pet that is in back of your vehicle. It will also alert you to obstacles that cannot be detected through the rear glass window.

4. Side Blind Zone Alert System

If you have ever been concerned about crashing into another vehicle you could not detect from your car's blind spots, this safety feature offers peace of mind. Basically, this option will provide you with a warning or alert on your side mirrors. It is intended to alert drivers while changing lanes. Radars built into the rear corners of the car can detect movement in back of the side mirror. You will note the alert as a flashing amber icon will appear on the side mirror. You can activate or deactivate this feature in a settings option.

5. Welcome Light "Carpet"

Don't be confused by the name. This high-tech feature simply means your luxury car will provide an illuminated pathway to your car in the dark. If you frequently find yourself fumbling with the keyhole in the dark, this may be a convenient solution. It can also help you find your parked car in the dark. Built in LED lights beneath the car provide that glowing effect for you, which appears on both sides of the car. All you need to do is press a button on your key. In addition to the welcome light, you may also have the option of illumination on the exterior mirror.